A pellet cooker is the best solution for the environment, ensuring high yields at lower costs than other fuels.

Moretti Design creations are unique in terms of style, but also in terms of technology: Design Made in Italy meets technological innovation and is perfectly suited to any style of home.

They are equipped with 5-star certifications that certify their quality and make it possible to access the exclusive State Advantages

The glass

For the first time, glass becomes the protagonist of Design. The company has introduced to the international market the magic of a material capable of moulding itself into different shapes and technologies, making works of art that can be installed in any domestic environment.


All our cookers are made of Firewall, a special material which, in addition to guaranteeing high performance, ensures significant protection of the combustion chamber. Steel, which has captured contemporary complexity, becomes the heart of our products. Very high temperatures and contact with pellet and wood fuels do not alter their composition, for high power performance.


The clay is turned into a high-tech ceramic through a firing process that exceeds one thousand degrees. From here, we generate the material that covers our products, combining the tradition of the company’s devices with the exclusivity of its beauty.